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it is illegal to smoke or jar for tuesday has been carrying most of the zune shrouded in secrecy. the guantanamo bay prison marks its twelfth anniversary. more than one hundred and fifty inmates still held behind bars despite never being challenged. they want displayed place that we can treat people. however we want to whenever we want to ot takes a look at the history of the facade that is people across the us joined a protest involving an end to the infamous prison. also
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the white house walls of the risk of a war with iran that if the lakers initiative to impose further sanctions goes through that as the number of sets is backing the controversial proposal doubles. always ready promise to ariel sharon going to the age of eighty five. up to eight years in a coma. we look at some of these legacies. in. the yesterday's hearing was good that you thought speed to match the wiki took four hours a day. the guantanamo bay prison has turned twelve and human rights activists have prepared a special way to mark the anniversary. bp across the us to join protest promoting an end to the infamous detention centers something present obama promised to go again
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these are the stars each other can upset the code of social history of the facility. get in on a tropical island a symbol of promise is indeed being far from promises kept. they will leave in upholding a black mark in the history books unless the people who who advocate for its continued existence when and if they win then in edmonton. this oppose it said the study is that america has will be gone forever. twelve years ago he was brought to guantanamo its first tt knees of the war on terror the us and powerful sections in the ruling class in the us one and a place that openly defies international law. it's a decision that's been named that they want displayed place that we can treat people. however we want to whenever we want to be to be is poured into the bank scandal surrounding torture and forced feeding mass hunger strikes of desperation and dozens of suicide
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attempts that have something that has been an issue since i've been here in a facility that has long stopped making sense if it ever did. despite the rhetoric you really isn't about national security or prisoners being so dangerous that they can possibly be released when the fire that can be a part of seven hundred and seventy nine gt knees held at guantanamo in these past twelve years. only seven have been convicted and sentenced. we have seen eleven prisoners released between oldest in december last year compared to just five men in the whole of the previous three years to its movements. but it would be un wise to think that in that we may be that the iran hundred and fifty five men sitting guantanamo and seventy six of those men would do it for a nice meal was struggling with what to do with them and an even bleaker future still ahead for the other seventy nine prisoners facing the abyss of indefinite detention of zinnias are here because there were somewhere. to give
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some money. whether they're innocent and that is not what job for him to ts after majority of the teams went on hunger strike last year the bombers administration was pushed to make baby steps again won by double standards and overlooking the law on international treaty obligations mean that we should be sending people to countries where they face the risk of ill treatment of torture. this followed in some cases but completely ignored and others. two men were recently sent to algeria amid grave concerns of possible persecution on the grounds that it was our collector now missy. it's been his whole adult life basically in europe and in canada and there is really no reason why a college educated i was fluent in german and english and french. i should be sent home to algeria. and probably trapped there are unable to agree because the stigma of guantanamo the future of some of those released over the years even more questions and increasingly grim as media claims surfaced that the cna might have reportedly been impeached and recording some of the prisoners as double agents in exchange for
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freedom. our job here it is to do the safe legal and humane and transparent care and custody of the detainees while in atlanta and tug of war between the presidents well to shut the president and congress resisting this is officially used as an excuse to avoid simply closing the place down despite personal promises to do so think the only reason he can get away with that but we're treating it really does appear correctness of the resistance was now harder to get to know what's five years ago i have been impatiently. common sense one of the hand of the problem of guantanamo prisoners. i could sell me mess up the last twelve years is already so hard to clean up their reasons to keep the rams are likely to breed more anniversaries to come the target on our team meal see quentin prison steps into its thirteenth year of existence what you do is attempting to cuddle you read the tiny stream of
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information coming from that but snippets still occasionally bleak house here's the link to it from shock on that. he's the last remaining tradition again he describes the humiliating such methods used by the prison administration and inmates are forced to undergo the procedure when they just want to call in malaya. some gauze of pushing even further that such inmates gentle whisper to twenty rule still from the legal charity group and she says. the mall we find out about guantanamo honda washington tries to bury it out of sight. i really really hurts and pain when i knew it or not. his reasoning. i'm fine really. i mentioned that i could not get with the plight of the threat of more than fifty eight. i'm really into all
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the men from the high aptitude was terrific and again. and you are the ones i dread to think about huh strategic thinking and really scary. he shuns. who looks around. they need to to the sk. and during the upcoming g i would like to cook and what nots olbermann mind when thinking once again honey. no more night and i enjoyed it. who can get. john has his nose and you'll take action against the indefinite detention of the war on terror prison and will be covering the protests as they build throughout the day and we'll have more on that make him not to touch. what else is caustic and ended right by us will make is to impose further sanctions on iran over its uk premiere officials say such
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legislation would the rail lost his historic deal with iran. and could even dream in washington into a wall despite the warnings from the administration the number of synapses supporting fresh penalties has doubled the report has more in the growing internal bickering. and where it can lead. it was just a few months ago inside the united nations headquarters were the presidents of iran and the year lastly it groundwork for new and positive diplomatic relations. how wether the historic success achieved over the past four months may soon be significantly compromised if not destroyed by america's own lawmakers according to reports the nine us senators are now backing i'd new package of unilateral sanctions aimed to increase pressure on iran for its nuclear program. this means that the setting is just one ball of light from the sixty needed to pass most legislation with the house of representatives which is already showed strong support for economic pressure against tehran according to reports
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the legislation would a black lace up early running industrial sectors had threatened banks and companies around the world being banned from the us market with the help of one export anymore forty are not the provisions would only take that back stitching on violates his six month interim deal or what's the big spider with out a comprehensive nuclear agreements the us president brought obama has vowed to veto the bill. it makes it to congress but the problem is that the senate actually eighteen sixty seven votes to override a presidential veto the obama administration says additional economic restrictions could read in a historic diplomatic opportunity would you want to extend cementing over the past few months. let's remember in november world powers reached an interim deal with tehran over its nuclear program and negotiations on a final agreements are still underway not only with more sanctions copper mines six suspects already beat me but the white house as it will certainly
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meet a potential war with tehran. all the more likely oddly enough at least sixty democrats are supporting new sanctions. sadly it president obama is historic diplomatic progress with iran comes crumbling down. it will be due in part to members of his own party. reporting from the ore during the fortnight our team. so this is backing the new sanctions bill clean it will serve as an insurance policy in future new kid told the journal of the policy director of the national iranian american council says listen attentively to his own deadline washington's role in any dunno. they claimed that this is that not a violation of the interim deal that is a violation of the interim deal that the deal says no new sanctions this impose new sanctions has a lot of outdoor games being played but really it comes down to the senators don't want to see idea. they don't want to see a diplomatic solution that they do this as there where the highway there have
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you gone completely capitulate. potentially you have a regime change or something like that for the united states to go to work and i think that guy probably president obama and his and us negotiators would rather be focused on line negotiating with the wrong idea that nuclear deal rather than having to negotiate with hardliners in the senate. i just to protect nuclear deal that he's already achieved. so he's a very tough slog i think this really undermines the position that states going into us to go see it negotiations because it conveys a message that the presence not to control his own foreign policy. we thought oh one agreement in the new us sanctions against iran would jeopardize on a website all the details all that land will make a deal struck with iran in geneva on the auntie to come. israel's former prime minister ariel sharon has died at the age of eighty four points and he is in the crewman was going to strike. one of the country's
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most iconic politicians and it really does post away just days after his condition worsened dramatically from the lebanon war to israel's disengagement from delta sharon's is in politics from up by several historic decisions but what is likely to be remembered for what many israelis is a controversial issue of settlements in the west bank as nazis policy reports. will someone come to a divisive figure between those who love him and those who sit and eat in the water green. i will serve along with some help to keep the top of his plea the second movement. under his guidance more than a hundred statements were pulled from the gaza strip his monster to defend and preserve the jewish state israel da was a lifelong supporter of the mill to avoid. twenty seven years he fall spices and colleagues in the form of gaza settlement of teammate own might find out what it was the builder sentiment is down even in town to build twenty new homes. just like you did in other places all over so it was the father of the centers
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he did so much force it out from under her name. is it that is right he's going to be told to look for some to take on some home and only eight pounds and ounces and magnesium and panic on his enemy the one thing you've got to buy a silver tray what a husband who will resume to find his wife with his neighbor. sharon will most likely be traced efficiently. wilson likened to be remembered for all the things that are not so pleasant. all of which were critical to all of this trial all longtime champion of jewish settlements in the occupied europe east came to the dpp more trouble than they were with andy kershaw one was the one who told him it came as a shock that he was the one to destroy them at the end and today he looked at them as instrumental for whatever needs he had at the moment when he thought that the settlers in the settlement movement for serving the needs of the stronger israel he supported the many supported them more than anyone had but when he felt that they would no longer serving the needs of a strong israel
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then he turned against them so much so that he was a total disengagement from gaza in august when the anger if you vote among his supporters should one will see to it in as prime minister tim fischer elections. but in two thousand and find he suffered a stroke from which he never become that house was going from gaza to run without any say that you know the actual withdrawals. the sentiments he will continue to be and need to sticking point in negotiations between israelis and palestinians. the crt tepid. this is all to international what it was good to real late in the program shooting adults european countries jump off the eurovision ship while i was unable to afford to take hold in times of economic coverage. it was sudden. what was away on two scores for both of them so for the number of acceptable to write in to help people that were coping with the agonizing nature of some feathered friends. their stories. no official rate
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the other eye. a sixteen percent of the human voice and instrument of peace the european union is ironically taking fish from some of the porous nations on earth. so this is a very serious and very urgent problem that needs immediate international action. they enter our territorial waters the fish below the fish onto the ships and leave for europe. today illegal fishing is taking the bread out of our house. right from the sea
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a gripping picture the reports were there the animal. the move on the tear. these twelve european countries as skipping the twenty fourteen eurovision song contest the list of participants has been getting shorter by the year and economic troubles of the continent is seen as the main reason the offseason excuse of ski poles. i am. in that it represented russia at the eurovision song contest in twenty ten historical becoming eleven he describes his participation as a major highlight which propelled him to new heights. the audience who. betty very much. many
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people to get to know us and so they begin to come to look on since it was great the music experience because it was the corn syrup. on the concrete great just to portland now notorious that i could have a dimensions. from the queen's two helmets creatures and some of europe's brightest talents one of the world's most watched tv program the eurovision song contest proclaimed to the likes of dublin city ut on the nuclear dispute with the votes have not always be spread. you report to the qualities say researchers from switzerland he's in the meekness of natural beach. really there the european continent maintain a steady in its gut what would be that hard can it. twenty ten three weeks
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left until america pushed the creation of the european financial stability facility to bail out collapsing economy is a gem and teenager then maya was crowned the new visions win. ironically it's the europe wide financial two or more which is now threatening to pull the assistance of the contests in twenty eleven when financial tomoro was already raging in europe you are that it's all a peek which a separation of forty three countries next year poland and armenia which drew from the contest in twenty thirteen there were joined by austria turkey slovakia and portugal. this time. qureshi as serbia bulgaria and cyprus have also jumped off the eurovision ship the list could expand as many simply cannot afford to take part in the circus that is eurovision like cyclists were roughly every fifth person is unemployed. the next longer on the region and pat white was happening and describing the situation in cyprus and i'm not surprised that this decision has been taken and even defied the middle of the house tomorrow. in other domains some perfume called a
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sea of education and cut to show who's boss and say there's nothing to worry about. we refresh format and continue to do so whenever needed to keep the eurovision song contest. the most popular pan european entertainment tv show. this race. dropping out of the competition that would likely have to invent something new and very soon to keep europe's longest running song contest for losing its voice. it was tested on scene reported from moscow. eurovision being losing contestant is thought to the goals of the dome of the plowing. this is planned cost is four times less than three years ago. eurovision is also most but the significance and on tuesday to sunday. that's according to international affairs expert said a typical beach. the eurovision song contest has become a political as well as cultural relevance. bake in the nineties it suddenly became much more important
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the central theme in eastern europe and use them. because many new independent countries of the former yugoslavia. in the former ussr. one kid who puts their main home. the panel says the state but for many many years theme music scene artistic terms. it has been a problem with us on this. and nowadays both politically and culturally its significance has declined. so in the period of the state in the period when the mall this he seemed to skip the next games. if only because the climates. i believe that this decision was made by so many countries because they concluded that eurovision song contest simply does not connect. love him and in china shakes up and ship celts as it becomes the world's largest exporter of goods had been taking us with more than four trillion dollars with a trace crossing its borders the number
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crunching of ot. also that he was president of the international ski federation brushes of scaremongering about the security situation during the sochi winter and next thing the games will be spending the night. london the mall. we ought to go home what they thought to bring the finals as unsettling leave them all each day myriad supposed to walk out the sun above the city and leave some halt earlier stains on the ground. but these europe this can of reports on the scare tactics are the italians used to try to keep the city streets clean. roll one of the most beautiful and romantic cities in the world of popular destination for lovers or confused s history at its ends. it all falls on top of
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cottesloe with sen on pedestrians inside asleep during see if we get tons of complaints though. birds hundreds of thousands of starlings which migrate to and from the north in the year. the more as the go i eye. he stayed. we're surrounded by on. the city annually spends tens of thousands of euros tackling the flight manifest the scenes special operation in itself it's so dry. it's very difficult to clean it off the present wars and battles. it's like they're angry with me personally. i
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am. the real mission takes place at sunset. dressed in protective gear and armed with a loud human scientists storm the group's favorite sleeping spot. and it's irritating noise is none other than the reporting of other stalinist making a sound which warns of approaching danger. the goal is to steer the feather falls to less populated areas. from sirens bucks. works great the only push ups periods of time. but even when they do manage to scare the birds usually they just moved to other residential zones and holds them back at sundown this isn't the worst problem is that wouldn't it be nice to go play in the sixteen year old was a megaphone. it may be a good idea to grab the gold umbrella. even if it was a forecast isn't clear
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book a stall supports the role. some of us will use this outlet was at the st mirren gold gold when he gathered outside athens high court to protest against the christening of their leaders. in the polls in several of the moment has been arrested on charges of running a criminal organization last year introduce the team gold medal was stripped of state funding. one more thing financially to the students involved in criminal offense nationalization for migration has begun the dry creek and thousands of foreign nationals from the bombers played central african republic. meanwhile pressure to dream of muslim and christian militias continue unabated despite the resignation of the country so proclaimed president told the files into been killed since the beginning of the conflict last year. the protests in the spanish enclave time in manila in north africa has ten other people most of them police officers were injured demonstrations protesting the lack of jokes in the region and tortured barricades in the streets
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pupils as they can put up a fun and secure. a security measure to fall when the debate raging in the uk off it was repealed the fingerprinting of students become a usual practice in schools the story schools particular control the steel door with a third of schools collected the bases without consulting parents of the stores because the tetons. a lot of the days when the teeny tiny b l t o fingerprint is if he was suspected of crying. nowadays that's daunting and be on the school to be precise with that saves more than a mini eggs schoolchildren had being fingerprinted and that biometric dates we used to identify credit for things like tax free lump states taking attendance. onions look like the pics that borrowing. it is called to the chalet big brother what she's been taking any weight about schools having access to this information ideas and the cop that a key when it's being corrected without parents' consent. citi said it seems that over a million children in a single academic can't hide this information
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collected to second guess me the necessary skills to transpower inspection you it's great that a sense of misinformation. what's the city's an adult is the breadth of things and save the soul does not and how can we make so for some but the stakes raised its target was tilted weeks ago well the face agent and sit back and saying that the bike seat is taking place isn't taking the old state that penance the city have the legal guidance he got that consent should be sold and also children are being called a test that assesses well no he's not the education process to teach them the importance of questioning when passing on information but also to understand just what's happening with that in this system is heal itself if it is so full of secret santa stuff country school pupils that the new target it's been thirty one percent of schools didn't seek parental consent so as to get back to school up to the festive break children are hunting a defense that it had snowed a say in many cases the mill noting that that within that likes to feed and big brother
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works his main concern is that an entire generation of children will grow up conditions to think that's normal. to forgive me for the moment of mourning health announcement coming up next on international with no legal interest go fishing in west africa mortars miserably the confession of the means of survival. if you want yours in the uk right now that ended with the action protest the use of the spring i rmb. there are many internal battles in society liberals and conservatives will never agree on gun rights or abortion but there's one battle that is often more generational than anything the battle for school uniforms teachers argue that uniforms would make a big distraction in the classroom and break up the caste system second of all the school between the cool fashionable kids than the ones who can barely
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afford much like me and my younger years. teenagers will screen your first crush their freedom of expression and that they have a right to express who they are their individuality who has the right to dictate to them what to wear the things they don't realize is that if the school doesn't tell them what to wear anything corporation said the mtv will all the cool individuals who dress alike and blindly follow all the trends are just obeying corporate marketing instead of the pair is yet for some reason it is bad if the school punishes you for trusting him properly with the cool kids make your life a living for not wearing the right brand of shoes. well that's all well and good for some reason look at it this way school uniforms xi which leaves more money for parents to buy your video games. the individual in your actions. another fake individual in trendy clothes just acting. i rmb. it is.
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sells. says. he entered china's cctv. too many leaks
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in this half hour news and current affairs talk show. as news makers an expert guests discuss issues of global impact. crime and punishment united states has the highest rated for them and the world but an ex convict get a second chance. i am. six lines early in the journal and see the bees and jerry cartoons in the summer former israeli prime minister ariel sharon has died at the age of the veto british soldiers are accused of torturing prisoners in iraq international criminal court is to investigate. here was a bit garbled makes the stanley cup winning with

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